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The 2024 Bud Prince & Princess Miss Jr Teen & Miss Teen Blossomtime Pageant

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Bud Prince & Princess Court

The 2024 Bud Prince & Princess

Miss Jr Teen & Miss Teen Blossomtime Pageant


51 children between the ages of 6 and 15 competed Sunday, November 19th for the titles of Blossomtime Bud Prince & Princess, Miss Jr. Teen and Miss Teen Blossomtime. The pageant was held at the St. Joseph High School Auditorium.  The theme for the show was “Thanksgiving Party” and the contestants performed a dance to the song “Thank You for Being a Friend.” The pageant was emceed by Lindsay LeValley. The pageant sponsor was Fusion Center for Dance. This year’s show producer was Christine Waterhouse.


The Blossomtime Festival Bud Prince and Princess, Miss Jr. Teen and Miss Teen is a time-honored tradition that began in the 1930’s. These young titleholders will take an active role in the Festival by serving as Grand Marshals of the Youth Parade and riding on the Bud Prince & Princess/Jr. Teen/Teen Float in the Blossomtime Grand Floral Parade on Saturday, May 11th, 2024 and will participate in many other Blossomtime events, including the Youth Coronation Ball, the Blessing of the Blossoms, attending many community pageants and being introduced on stage at the Mr Blossomtime Pageant April 14th, 2024.


Bud Princess – Ellie Current

7 years old – Maple Grove Elementary

Parents – Rebecca Atherton & Garth Current

Residence – Coloma

Enjoys dancing, gymnastics and riding her horse, Molly. 


Bud Princess 1st Runner-up – Kaliope Morton

8 years old – Sylvester Elementary

Parents – Heather & Bob Morton

Residence – Berrien Springs

Enjoys making friendship bracelets, dancing, and playing video games with her brothers.


Bud Princess 2nd Runner-up – Mara Haynes

8 years old – Eagle Lake Elementary

Parents – Tina Dyer & Josh Haynes

Residence – Niles

Loves to draw and make art and is teaching herself to play the piano.    


Bud Prince – Riggen Kivela

9 years old – Brown School

Parents – Rachel & Scott Kivela

Residence – St. Joseph

Enjoys playing tennis, taking dance lessons and is a member of student council. 


Bud Prince 1st Runner-Up – Peyton Fairbanks

8 years old – Grace Christian 

Parents – Michelle & Josh Fairbanks

Residence – Coloma

Enjoys baseball, football and playing the piano and video games.


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime – Mila Grams

10 years old – Roosevelt Elementary

Parents – Kalli Grams & Paul Grams

Residence – Stevensville

Participates in travel soccer and enjoys doing art, Legos and babysitting.


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime 1st Runner-up – Brooklynn Grubb

10 years old – Sylvester Elementary

Parents – Danai Peterson & Ronny Grubb Jr.

Residence – Berrien Springs

Participates in softball, choir and tennis and enjoys riding horses.   


Miss Jr. Teen Blossomtime 2nd Runner-up – Harper Hughes

10 years old – Coloma Intermediate

Parents – Tiffany & Jessie Hughes

Residence – Coloma 

Participates in basketball, cheer and choir and enjoys organizing her bedroom.


Miss Teen Blossomtime – Taylor Truman

15 years old – Coloma High School

Parents – Jackelyn & Joe Truman

Residence – Benton Harbor

Participates in Equestrian, where she has won multiple champion and grand champion awards. She enjoys snowboarding, wake surfing and camping.   


Miss Teen Blossomtime 1st Runner-up – Meilah Mitchell

14 years old – Berrien Springs High School

Parents – Lindsey & Stephan Mitchell

Residence – Berrien Springs

Participates in JV volleyball and Varsity cheer and competitive cheer. She is also on the Honor Roll.   


Miss Teen Blossomtime 2nd Runner-Up – Grace Callahan

14 years old – Lakeshore High School

Parents – Morgan & Joe Callahan

Residence – St. Joseph

Participates in softball and track. She also has received a bronze award for Girl Scouts.   


Miss Teen Blossomtime, Congeniality – Ashley Ramirez

14 years old – Lakeshore High School

Parents – Debbie & Remie Ramirez

Residence – Stevensville

Participates in volleyball, softball, band, and Color Guard. She is a 3-year Presidential Honor Roll student.  

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