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Profound Author Lisa Collins’ Book Is “A Loving Message to the World”

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“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” ― Neil DeGrasse Tyson

These words speak about today’s reality. With technological advancements, the world has lost connection with themselves and others around them. People lost compassion and love, which lashed back with hatred and violence in society.

Dr. Lisa Collins believes the progress of society or organization is through spirituality and oneness. Her book Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness highlights the importance of spirituality in our daily life. She is a Racial Healing Expert and Conscious Freedom Life Coach for organizational support.

Lisa began her spiritual journey while pursuing a doctorate. The constant dilemma of dealing with racism and hatred was enough to break consistency in her profession which contributed to her research. When Lisa visited her primary care doctor, the doctor told her to take off from work. This advice hit her with the truth behind her behavior. Lisa felt restless because she refused to face her lived experience with racial trauma.

Spirituality was the answer to all her struggles. Lisa found not only her true self but also learned to love and live life to the fullest through it. She says, “My spiritual grounding and meditation are the foundation of my success.” This foundation originates from facing racial trauma. Lisa took time to understand the reason for this trauma and recovered from it through healing and love.

This journey later became the base of her professional career. Through her doctorate autoethnographic research, Lisa realized the problem was both personal and social. She experienced work environments and day-to-day interactions in society that included negative racialized experiences. Dr. Lisa took it upon herself to bring this issue into the light and solve it. She chose to pursue a career as a life coach and consultant to guide organizations in the right pathway.

Lisa has consistently promoted the importance of spirituality and meditation to create oneness among people. To elaborate more and engage the audience in a healthy dialogue, her podcast Love and Light: Living Every Day in Peace also talks about healing and how spirituality can bring peace to the community through love. She released this special show to spread her message on a global scale.

Her book Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness aims to heal people through love with step-by-step guidance. Lisa utilizes her personal and professional experience with spirituality and incorporates them into everyday life examples.

Lisa has already worked on various projects as a playwright and filmmaker; this book unveils her spiritual writing skills. Through this book, she hopes readers “to reclaim peace, tranquility, love, and connection, giving much-needed guidance on connecting to peace and love in us all, God.”

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